Disability Support

We specialise in designing customised disability support plans to help people living with significant and permanent disabilities to live full and happy lives whilst maintaining strong community connections. If this sounds like you, we have your needs covered!

Why Choose GoCo for Your Disability Support Needs?

GoCo has been around for over 25 years. We have an amazing network of highly regarded, industry leading disability support service providers and support agencies on our books. We are committed to making sure we broker the best support plan for you from the very best providers of disability services in NSW.

At GoCo, we have a deep understanding of the region in which we operate, the people that live in it and the unique requirements of our clients that are in need of our disability support services. Our clients are always our top priority and we will work with our clients to ensure they get everything that they need from our services.

Coordination of Supports

Our qualified and experienced team are able to help clients with the coordination of their supports funding to implement their NDIS Plan or get through life changes or transitions.

We focus on helping you to get the most from your funding and will advocate for you to receive coordinated services from providers across the area, and design innovative ways to meet your needs and manage your NDIS Plan.

Family Support

We are also here to lend a helping hand to families and carers of people living with a disability, to make sure they are well supported and have access to the services each family needs. These might include simple every-day tasks such as organising transport for the person with the disability, especially where a family member or carer may not be in a position to do so on a particular day. It might also include taking care of simple household tasks that the family member or carer might ordinarily do, but cannot do that day or over several days.

For more information on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and how we can help, view our frequently asked questions page, or call us on 6740 2240 to discuss your requirements.

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